5.20.05 list

To be in such fine company is an honor:

Taxidermy on the VLS Bestsellers list

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5.19.05 note

Friends! Please note that the event at the National Arts Club on May 31 is by invitation only. This means that if you want to attend you must RSVP by sending email to the publisher: Akashic7@aol.com ... but don't be nervous! This is just a technicality; you are all invited.

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5.17.05 spiral

Taxidermy reviewed in Small Spiral Notebook

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5.17.05 nominated

Lessons in Taxidermy has been nominated for an American Library Association award.

I love librarians.

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5.15.05 assault

I haven't managed to unpack yet and there are far too many chores to accomplish before the next trip, but I never let these things worry me. Jen K is in town for a visit; today we had a picnic on Jesus Green with an assortment of friends who also hail (at least recently) from Berkeley. Late in the afternoon the children clamored for a river trip so I motored down to Fen Ditton to drink a pint and admire the scenery.

Yes, I know that this is a cinematic cliche of an English life. But it is more fun to think about than the other big event of the weekend, when a friend was assaulted by random drunk strangers on a quiet street in broad daylight.

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5.12.05 club

Tues., May 31, 7pm
Accompanied Library
National Arts Club
15 Gramercy Park South, #6C
New York, NY
Readings by Bee Lavender and Miles Marshall Lewis
(cover charge)

Some details about Miles and his work:

Scars of the Soul Are Why Kids Wear Bandages When They Don't Have Bruises is a confessional, stylistic account of coming of age in the Bronx alongside the birth and evolution of hip-hop culture. This essay collection presents a journalistic mosaic of seminal figures in hip-hop, documentary essays exploring the social decay of hip-hop, and a substantial element of memoir, as well as observations on the generational issues of urban America.

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5.12.05 list

New York City friends! I'm going to be back in your town at the end of the month. There will be two more readings, details to follow shortly. However - I would like to do a mailing and I have very few contacts in your city. If any of you know of organizations or individuals who might be interested, could you let me know? I'm specifically trying to get a list of environmental and activist organizations, radical disability resources, patient groups, medical schools, etc. Thanks.....

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5.10.05 guitar

My dear friend Marisa has a new album out. Some of you might know her from The Dolly Ranchers, One Railroad Circus, or the Chorus... but even if you have never heard her perform before, you should definitely get this album:

Holiday Motel

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5.10.05 day

Home & jetlagged... the city is awash in spring flowers and baby ducks and I walked around in the rain listening to the church bells chime!

Happy mother's day to everyone who might be eligible for such wishes.....

I never used to read my own reviews, and I probably won't in the future. But I'm fascinated by the response to this book; it is interesting to see how people interpret the work. The latest:

...There's a deep, almost painful beauty in her seemingly dispassionate language, and as Lavender interweaves the story of her most recent illness with those of her childhood and young adulthood, she also gives context to the physical contours and social history of the working-class Pacific Northwest landscape that was her home. In sifting through her unwanted memories, poking at the still-raw scars and bruises, Lavender shows how it is possible to transcend the body and its demands, to construct a whole and rewarding life out of a fractured past.
Bitch Magazine: Feminist Response to Pop Culture

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