4.30.05 leaving home

The events have been fantastic! It is so tremendously entertaining to meet people - and to see old friends.

Next up:

  • Tues., May 3, 7pm,NYC, NY, KGB Reading Series
  • Wed., May 4, 7pm, NYC, NY, Bluestockings (this one is actually at a club a block or so from store - call for directions) www.bluestockings.com.
Then Toronto - how exciting!

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4.28.05 home

I'm home! Just a couple of miles north of the Oregon border... but definitely in the Northwest! I can't wait to see everyone. Here are the events.

Fri., April 29, 7pm, Portland, OR, Reading Frenzy

And then:
Sat., April 30, 2pm, Seattle, WA, Elliot Bay Books

Finishing here:
Sun., May 1, 4pm, Olympia, WA, Plenty

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4.23.05 west coast

Hey Los Angeles! I'll be in your town next!

If you are going to be at the book fair, you can find me lurking near the Akashic booth... stop by and say hello!

The reading is at Tues., April 26, 7:30pm, Los Angeles Barnes & Noble West Pico Blvd.

Then we're in SF for Wed., April 27, 7pm, San Francisco, CA, City Lights

And then onward to:

  • Fri., April 29, 7pm, Portland, OR, Reading Frenzy
  • Sat., April 30, 2pm, Seattle, WA, Elliot Bay Books
  • Sun., May 1, 4pm, Olympia, WA, Plenty
We're driving between all these cities - so I can't do much in the way of updates, but I hope to see you on the road!

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4.10.05 suitcase

I bought a new ergonomic suitcase (to replace the abysmally unsuitable but lovely vintage bags I normally travel with) but it was more cost-effective to have it delivered to the first tour stop; right now I'm pondering whether or not it would work to take all of my stuff to the states in plastic shopping bags.

Probably not.

Recently during a trip to Edinburgh I stopped at the Writer's Museum and jotted down the following quote:

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive, and the true success is to labour. -- Robert Louis Stevenson

I'm flying out tomorrow and I'll be on the road for an entire month. Hope that I can meet many of you. Spread the word if you know folks who live in the cities I will be visiting!

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4.8.05 time

From Time Out Chicago:

There's little sense of comfort in Taxidermy; it's a brutal story, told with no sense of victimhood or blame. The result is a terrifying tale of a woman trying to live a complete life with a body that fails her in the most horrific ways imaginable. It's the type of book that breaks a reader's heart in the first five pages and repeats the process on each page for the remaining 155. The lone relief comes from knowing Lavender, now relatively healthy, survived it all to write such a stirring memoir.

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